The curriculum is comprised of 14 different, but related Training Units. Many of the activities in the units will be hands-on allowing for the practice of skills. Three hours are required for the weekly training of each unit. However, if a parent/parents/caregiver require more time for an activity it can be accomplished during the next session.. Events will be recorded and a questionnaire for comments of knowledge learned and the ability to apply what is learned will be provided for each unit during each training session.

Week 1: Baseline creation

Week 2: Orientation/Introduction

Week 3: Promoting Success

Week 4: Positive Behavior

Week 5: Communication

Week 6: Caring for a child with a disability

Week 7: Positive Behavior

Week 8: Life Skills

Week 9: Money Power

Week 10: Interaction Skills

Week 11: Nutrition

Week 12: Family Health

Week 13: House Keeping

Week 14: Avoiding Danger

Week 15: Closing