Why Partner With Us?

Because with Partnership for Hope and Productivity help is available.

Dr. Adams is a retired Special Education Teacher with the Polk County School District. Dr. Adams communicates with parents of diverse functionality daily, advising on multiple concerns for both the students and their parents. Beside the daily communications, Dr. Adams determines the goals for parents and their child/children that are appropriate for creating outcomes that ultimately benefit the family.

Dr. Adams is the second child of nine siblings, the first girl of the siblings and was always responsible for her siblings’ learning and understanding of their role as members of the household. Along with being patient, this early experience has contributed to her unique ability to lead others and to have them accept her advising with trust. The combination of her experiences, her patience, her credentials and her successful outcomes as a parenting coach for Heartland for Children should be regarded as significant for choosing Partnership for Hope and Productivity.

…equipped to help you Succeed.